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To stay safe while you’re behind the wheel, it’s essential that you take great care of your brakes. If one component of your brake system isn’t functioning properly, such as the brake pads or rotors, it can drastically increase your risk of an auto accident. That’s why the brake repair experts at Moe`s Automotive in SEATTLE, WA take our brake services seriously. We want to keep the drivers of SEATTLE County safe. With over two decades of combined experience, we have the tools and training to repair brakes in all makes and models. Best of all, we back our work with a 12-month warranty. Whether you need new brake pads or a brake fluid change, we can help. To keep your brakes in superior shape, call our brake shop today to schedule your auto service appointment. We can be reached at 206-784-5772.

Need Brake Repair?

It’s critical to stay ahead of potential braking issues. If you fail to do so, you can be putting yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road in danger. Luckily, you may notice some symptoms before the damage becomes dangerous. Some common signs that your car needs brake repair services as soon as possible include:
  • an illuminated brake light on your dash
  • grinding or squealing noises when you apply pressure to the brake pedal
  • a vibrating steering wheel
  • a burning smell is coming from your brakes
  • if your pedal feels soft or “spongy”
These are all telltale signs that something is wrong. Book a brake repair appointment at Moe`s Automotive in SEATTLE, WA, if your car displays any red flags. With over 20 years of combined experience, we can promptly get to the root of the problem. Before we make any repairs, we’ll be sure to explain the issue, and what needs repairing so, you know what’s going on with your ride. To stay safe, call us today.

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